Makeup: Get Your Gloss On!

When I heard about lip gloss making a comeback I was immediately on board. I will happily take a good gloss over a dry matte lipstick any day. One can only hope that the weather stays good on days chosen to give this look a test run, every girl understands the horrific feeling of hair getting stuck in your gloss, NOT a good look.

Forget the 90’s era Lancomes Juicy Tubes, and MACs Lip glass. Modern brands Fenty Beauty and Glossier have brought out new glosses that are a far cry from the sticky feeling glosses of the old days. Now Fenty Beautys “Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer” is the only beauty product that never leaves my side. Chanels new Blue tinted lip gloss looks intense pre-application, but once on it brings out your natural lip color.

If you’re desperate for a more pigmented look NARS velvet lip guide or YSL’s Volupte Liquid Color Balm.

Gloss on its own is good for a natural, dewy look. Or if you want a more dramatic lip look, layer it over your favorite lipstick and get a glossy version of your choice lipstick without any dryness or chapping.

Get creative and get glossing!