Ninety Percent – New Charitable Brand

Say hello to the new brand on the block, London based women’s brand “Ninety Percent” is living up to its name by giving away 90% of its distributed profits to charities. The factory owner Shafiq Hassan from Bangladesh, decided to take action against the idea of “fast fashion” and how it damages the industry. Having previously produced clothing for big brands such as H&M, New Look, and Debenhams he is well versed in the business and his new venture brand “Ninety Percent” should take off quite well.

Customers place orders online and when the items arrive they have their own codes printed on the care labels. They can then visit the “Ninety Percent” website and enter the unique code to vote for their chosen cause. At the end of the financial year, the company will add up how much each charity is due to receive.

The charities currently included are War Child, Big Life Foundation and Children’s Hope, all of which help children affected by poverty in Bangladesh.

The Brands clothes are the complete opposite of what comes to mind when “sustainable fashion” is mentioned. Creative director Ben Matthews (previous buying director for Net-a-Porter) describes them as “detail-driven staples that complement your wardrobe.”

The companies goal is to “empower the customer”.  They want the people buying the clothes to feel as if they are affecting change in the world as well as updating their wardrobe. This new brand definitely feels like a Win-Win for everyone involved.