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February 26, 2018

Office Opening Hours – Open Day Cancelled

We will be closing the office tomorrow from 2pm due to red weather warnings from Met Eireann. We will be reachable by email only.If you have a query re bookings, please email us on or

The open day this Wednesday will also be cancelled, we apologise for any inconvenience.

February 8, 2018

Accessories Trend: Transparency

This years big accessory trend is *drum roll* Transparency, not just something we all look for in friends.  I’m talking actual see-through accessories. With clear handbags and shoes, the days of a bad pedicure and the carpet of spare change, crumbs and receipts lining the bottom of your bag are out the window. Helmut Lang, Valentino and Celine all brought out clear handbags this season. With Chanel and Balmain following in their footsteps (literally) with clear boots and heels. Welcome to the season of oversharing, and pedicures.

Makeup: Get Your Gloss On!

When I heard about lip gloss making a comeback I was immediately on board. I will happily take a good gloss over a dry matte lipstick any day. One can only hope that the weather stays good on days chosen to give this look a test run, every girl understands the horrific feeling of hair getting stuck in your gloss, NOT a good look.

Forget the 90’s era Lancomes Juicy Tubes, and MACs Lip glass. Modern brands Fenty Beauty and Glossier have brought out new glosses that are a far cry from the sticky feeling glosses of the old days. Now Fenty Beautys “Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer” is the only beauty product that never leaves my side. Chanels new Blue tinted lip gloss looks intense pre-application, but once on it brings out your natural lip color.

If you’re desperate for a more pigmented look NARS velvet lip guide or YSL’s Volupte Liquid Color Balm.

Gloss on its own is good for a natural, dewy look. Or if you want a more dramatic lip look, layer it over your favorite lipstick and get a glossy version of your choice lipstick without any dryness or chapping.

Get creative and get glossing!

Ninety Percent – New Charitable Brand

Say hello to the new brand on the block, London based women’s brand “Ninety Percent” is living up to its name by giving away 90% of its distributed profits to charities. The factory owner Shafiq Hassan from Bangladesh, decided to take action against the idea of “fast fashion” and how it damages the industry. Having previously produced clothing for big brands such as H&M, New Look, and Debenhams he is well versed in the business and his new venture brand “Ninety Percent” should take off quite well.

Customers place orders online and when the items arrive they have their own codes printed on the care labels. They can then visit the “Ninety Percent” website and enter the unique code to vote for their chosen cause. At the end of the financial year, the company will add up how much each charity is due to receive.

The charities currently included are War Child, Big Life Foundation and Children’s Hope, all of which help children affected by poverty in Bangladesh.

The Brands clothes are the complete opposite of what comes to mind when “sustainable fashion” is mentioned. Creative director Ben Matthews (previous buying director for Net-a-Porter) describes them as “detail-driven staples that complement your wardrobe.”

The companies goal is to “empower the customer”.  They want the people buying the clothes to feel as if they are affecting change in the world as well as updating their wardrobe. This new brand definitely feels like a Win-Win for everyone involved.

2018 Trend Alert – Tiny Sunglasses

This particular 90’s look is already huge. These sunglasses, provide very little protection from the sun, so they are perfect for Irish fashionistas on the 362 days that the sun isn’t shinning here. So if your looking for a statement accessory this year these sunnies may be for you.

These are popping up all over major runways including Louis Vuitton, Mui Mui and Balenciaga. These seem to be selling well on the high street, with shops like Topshop, River Island and Zara jumping on board.

Kanye West seems to have strong opinions on this trend sending his wife Kim an email saying ‘You cannot wear big glasses any more. It’s all about tiny little glasses,’ . It has appeared all over Instagram worn by top models and influencers and on his in-laws reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Major style points will be awarded to people wearing these satirical sunglasses this season.

Balenciaga Duvet Day Coat

With fashion, comfort should always be a priority. But has Balenciagas new Resort 2018 Collection taken it too far? The collection includes the Balenciaga Swing Puffer Jacket which has fashion critics in a frenzy. This jacket which retails for £2,250, has an astonishing resemblance to everyone’s favorite hello and hardest goodbye, your duvet.

This isn’t the first time Balenciaga has pushed the boundaries of what can be normalized by the fashion industry. Last years “Pantashoes” (fused leggings and stilettos) which retail for £2,850 a pop,caused a similar outburst of media attention. At the 2017 Met Gala they were worn by Salma Hayek and Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge. After that they sold well and fashion critics referred to this bold design as “the way forward”. I am unsure of weather or not we will catch any major celebs in an oversized puffer at this years Met but who knows.

Opinions vary on this coat style, what do you think? Is it time to take nap time to the next level?

February 7, 2018

2018 Spring Trends: Utility Chic

Big trends this fashion season include what the industry has called “Utilitarian” style. Looks from Prada, Tod’s and Gabriele Colangelos newest collections perfectly pulled off the construction site to catwalk trend. I guess its time to trade in jeans for cargo pants.

This look isn’t exclusive to the bigger catwalk shows. High street stores like River Island, Zara and Topshop are adding new lines perfect for pulling off this trend.

This look isn’t difficult to complete it all you need is a crisp white shirt paired with jeans,  a waistcoat as a layer over a t shirt or blouse, or neutral/earthy tones if khaki isn’t your thing.


Emily shooting with Stephen James O’Neill


Shot by- Stephen James O’Neill (@stephenjamesoneill)

Hair- Michael Leong (@lbhcollects)

Makeup – Rachel Lawlor (@rachel_lawlor_makeup)

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