Hannah Goff talks all things fashion & Her New Blog

How did you start modelling?
Modelling was something I always wanted to try but never thought it would be possible for me. I decided to do a photoshoot to see how I got on and ended up really enjoying it. Not too long after that I signed with Assets and it all went from there!

What is your favourite part of the job?
My favourite part is definitely getting to meet such amazing people! Whether it’s on a photoshoot or fashion show, it’s so rewarding and fun working on a team with creative, hardworking people. I’ve been really lucky to meet such talented and kind people within the industry that I have learned a lot from. I think there are often misconceptions about the modelling industry, but I have only ever met genuine people that encourage and support each other!

Who is your style inspiration?
I don’t have one particular style inspiration source. I get most of my style inspiration from browsing Pinterest, fashion blogs or people I see on the street. At the moment I’m loving Gigi Hadid’s style, she always manages to look effortlessly cool and chic!

How would you class your day to day style?
Day to day, my style is usually quite laid back and casual. I wear a lot of black, often paired with an oversized denim jacket or leather jacket now that we’re coming into winter!

Who is your model of the moment?
My favourite model at the moment is definitely Bhumika Arora. Not only does she have an amazingly unique look, she is also such a hard working and determined model!

Tell us about your blog and what you are planning to cover in it?
My blog is mainly fashion and lifestyle based, showing outfits I’m wearing each week and my different sources of fashion inspiration. In the future, I would love to broaden my blog and document my travels around the world!
Blog – www.hannah-goff.com
Instagram – hannah__goff